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  Our Process

Our first step is to evaluate your network and hardware needs. We want to provide you with the right product, so we'll assist with its purchase, on occasion serving as a liaison to your software company. Finally, we'll install the product, training staff in its utilization and integrating the software within your business, ultimately saving you money.

Our process paints a marked contrast to the approach of a majority of software companies, who seem content to deposit their product on your desk, or keep you on hold indefinitely on their help line. The software giants aren't invested in training their customers in their products' use, but we are. We'll help you work more effectively with your software, and you can rely upon us when technology goes awry.

First, we'll analyze your situation, then either resolve it ourselves, or contact people who can help. Our data integration service helps you transfer data from one software package to another when you upgrade, so you don't waste valuable time and money re-inputting data. When something crashes, we handle data corruption issues, keeping the heart of your business functioning smoothly with on-site visits.

Experiencing hardware problems? We'll contact the network company and work with them to resolve the issues. We'll also ensure your operations are running smoothly, and recommend alternative software as needed.

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